WICA Recruiting Volunteer Artist Coaches

Testimonial from a volunteer artist coach

About twelve years ago, I read a West Island Citizen Advocacy advertisement in search for volunteer art coaches to teach classes to people facing special challenges.  I had the confidence that I could assist interested students who wanted to learn or improve their technics in acrylic painting.  I responded to the ad, and I have been an artist coach ever since.

The extent of my experience resumes in two acrylic painting classes that I took, prior to joining the Kirkland Artists’ Association. I also participated in their annual exhibitions.

Joe Fahey

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The courses are given once a week, for two hours, held at the main office of West Island Citizen Advocacy, located in Pointe-Claire.  There are two sessions, one starting mid-September through mid-November, and the second from mid-January through mid-April.  An exhibition of the participants’ work is held at the beginning of October.  Each week, there is an average of three to six students, with a variation of skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.  The courses are offered in acrylic or watercolor painting only.

If you wish to learn more about becoming a volunteer artist coach for Rendez-Vous Arts, a West Island Citizen Advocacy project, please communicate with Natasha Martel at (514) 694-5850.

No formal teaching experience is needed, just a little time and patience.  We are there to encourage them!


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