‘Fun’draising Cocktail Hour

written by Jane Hobson

 West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA) launched a new fundraising plan in June and Mary Clare Tanguay continued on Saturday by inviting guests to a wine tasting in Pierrefonds.  WICA is a non-profit organization that matches volunteers with community members who are handicapped or disadvantaged. 

“The new fundraising plan encourages WICA members to turn ordinary events into fundraisers,” said Mary Clare Tanguay, director of WICA.  “It’s an opportunity for WICA members to get involved and help the group,”

Family reunions, birthday parties and other summer gatherings, like Saturday’s wine tasting, can raise money and recognition for the non-profit group that mainly depends on fundraising.

Tanguay hosted the event in her backyard.  Guests, including family, friends and WICA members, were invited to a cocktail hour lead by a professional sommelier.  Kyle Doucet-Walter, from Vinovolo Wine Bar, served two white wines and two red wines.  The Greek White Atlantis and Pinot Grigio were favorites among guests.

Guests donated money to attend the wine tasting, with all proceeds going straight to WICA.  “You never know when you will need a group like WICA to help you or a family member,” said Erika Reynolds on Saturday.  “I am happy to donate to WICA,” she said.

Kieran Harper, the pastry chef from Crudessence accompanied Doucet-Walter.  Harper prepared pairings for each wine, including an almond and coco bean sables with dark chocolate sauce and red wine cherries.

Doucet-Walter said he did not mind sharing his expertise to help WICA because he knows “the group does good work.”  “Having an opportunity to give back is good, things are coming around full circle,” Doucet-Walter said.  He said he used to attend WICA’s wine tasting fundraisers before he decided to become a sommelier.

500 dollars were raised for WICA on Saturday.  With the success of the first event, WICA members hope this new fundraising plan will do them well.  “This helps spread our brand,” Tanguay said.


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