Advocate of the month!

WICA congratulates Andrew Murchison, our advocate of the month!

“When I worked at WICA I met some of the organization’s incredible volunteers. Impressed by their generosity and kindness I thought it was important for me to make an effort to help out as well. I was soon after connected with an 80-year-old man, who lives on his own. I check in on him every couple weeks and help him with computer problems, gardening, and any pesky house chores. We always share a good cup of tea and a laugh and have become good friends over the last year. I also help out another friend of mine with her Psychology courses. We meet a few times in the month, going over assignments and scrambling to complete last minute works. For me volunteering is important because it gives me with a sense of purpose. I often over analyze the costs and benefits of particular life choices, but when I volunteer I am certain that I am doing something worthwhile and meaningful. This certainty provides me with a great deal of peace.”