Training and Information

Training and information courses are provided on a continual basis for our volunteer advocates who are working with protégés.

These courses are also open to the community at large.

Advocates are given an overview of their volunteer role when they fill out their application form and are given special information when they are matched with their protégé.

Following the initial introduction to Citizen Advocacy and their protégé, advocates may choose from a variety of training and skill building sessions.


  • a semi-annual communications skill course;
  • developing advocacy principles and skills;
  • how to help seniors meet their needs;
  • mental health problems;
  • how to help difficult persons

Sessions given by experts in a pertinent field are given on a regular basis, such as:

  • wills, estates and mandates for parents or families of a handicapped person;
  • helping seniors with Alzheimers;
  • confidentiality

Many other sessions are offered regularly and are free of charge for advocates, their family members and the community at large.

Course schedule