The West Island Citizen Advocacy office was the first office to open in Quebec in 1976.

Mrs. Joanne Farley, the parent of a handicapped person, heard about Citizen Advocacy from its founder, Dr. W. Wolfensberger at a conference in Winnipeg.

A long time volunteer fighter for quality human services in Montreal, she was enthralled with the idea of providing the handicapped person, or protégé, with a volunteer advocate who had only the handicapped person’s best interests in mind.

Handicapped persons could have a friend who was not part of the system and who was a friend because he wanted to be.

With an advocate, the handicapped person or his/her family would no longer have to depend on the system to secure the services needed.

With an advocate, some persons living in institutions, would have someone caring about them who was not paid to do so.

West Island Citizen Advocacy began in Joanne’s home. Joanne served anyone who needed help, and we continue to do this today.