Our Mission

West Island Citizen Advocacy’s purpose is to improve the quality of life and defend the rights of all those who are living with a handicapping condition or who are disadvantaged in the community by supporting them and matching them with competent volunteers.

What makes us unique:

  • The West Island Citizen Advocacy office was the first such office to open in Quebec in 1976
  • We match people with disabilities (protégés), with volunteers (advocates)
  • The advocate helps his or her protege and the protégé’s family, so they no longer have to depend solely on the system to access the services they need

Other services we provide in the community:

  • A variety of courses offered free to the community at large. These courses range from Conflict Resolution and Active Listening to Emergency First Aid Training
  • Crisis intervention
  • Outreach programs providing practical support for seniors

Our Eligibility and Exclusion policy

What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteer advocates are matched one-on-one to vulnerable people in the community (Protégés). These matches participate in activities that they both enjoy, planning what they’ll do and when they’ll do it at their own convenience.

Our program matches seniors with age-related incapacities who are isolated and vulnerable with volunteer advocates in one-on-one long-term relationships.

Volunteer matching also includes one-on-one matches between a volunteer advocate and a youth or adult with a disability.

What makes a good volunteer?

Our volunteer advocates come from various backgrounds and offer a broad range of experiences and knowledge. Many of our volunteers do not have any previous experience with those living with a handicapping condition or those who are disadvantaged in the community.

It does not take special training to know how to care.

A volunteer advocate:
• is supportive and flexible
• can accept someone for who they are
• is 18 years or older
• finds joy in doing simple things
• is open to new experiences
• is available for a few hours per month
• is aware that they can ask for support from West Island Citizen Advocacy at any time

What are the benefits of volunteering for me?

• The knowledge that you are making a difference in your own community
• Network with likeminded individuals
• Choose your own schedule and pick your own activities
• Include family and friends in your volunteer work
• Ongoing training and support from West Island Citizen Advocacy

How do I get more information about volunteering?

For more information on how you can contribute to making a West Islander’s life better, you can call us at 514-694-5850 or fill in this form.