volunteer recruitment

Myths about volunteering in the West Island

Including an interview with Lorraine, volunteer at WICA Lorraine has been an active volunteer at WICA for the last seven […]

Meet Ron and Maurice

Great stories start with kind-hearted people like Peter and Ron. Beside the fact they are brothers-in-law, both men share something […]

Like a day at the beach!

On a hot summer day, Chuch Apartment Program (CAP) residents and West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA) staff put their swimsuit […]

Recruiting volunteers in Lachine

On Tuesday morning, WICA was in Lachine during La Théière‘s Annual General Meeting. Here’s what our stand looked like: In […]

Volunteer recruitment!

John Malanos (right) and Tommy Ginocchi of WICA…volunteer recruitment at the YMCA. We need you!

Santa Claus!

Diane Veuhoff (right) and Marla Newhook (WICA community workers) met Santa at the Valois Village holiday event on the weekend.