Meet WICA’s summer students!


We are thrilled to announce that three students are joining West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA)’s team for the summer. Thanks to the financial support of the federal government, WICA can offer a unique experience in the community sector to these three young women. For several years now, WICA has benefited from the contribution of students from diverse educational backgrounds. Their knowledge is put toward

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Exciting Highlights of WICA’s 24th Annual Garden Tour

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The Annual Garden Tour is a tradition of West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA). After 24 years of discovering the most beautiful gardens of the West Island, WICA is ready to wow its visitors once again. The Garden Tour is an important fundraiser for the organization. In order to continue providing essential services to the most vulnerable people in the West Island, WICA relies on the

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Winter is tough on seniors

This winter has been tough on everyone it seems. People were fighting flu, colds, gastros and every other ailment that seems to strike during the winter months. For those of us who are lucky enough to have strong immune systems, we powered through though. We got up, went to work, took care of our families and carried on. For those who have weak immune

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How to start 2017 on the right track

Christmas is a festive season. Generosity is rampant with organizations bringing Christmas baskets to those in need and volunteers donating their time to spread holiday cheer. But now that the presents are unwrapped, the paper recycled, the tree put to the curb or back in the box, the turkey and sweets consumed and the new year rung in, those people will still be in

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WICA on the West Island Blog

Check out an article we wrote that was published on the West Island Blog: We would like to share with you a story of dedication and kindness that features a unique character. In some ways, this story is similar to the one of a white-bearded man in red suit who wanted every child in the world to get a gift at Christmas. And so

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Meet a Unique Artist

For the past six years, Patricia has been part of the Rendez-Vous Arts program (RVA), which offers art classes to adults struggling with various health and mental issues. The idea is to improve the quality of life for the RVA participants through artistic expression. In a world where one’s value in society is increasingly based on one’s ability to work, Patricia’s experience with art

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Meet Ron and Maurice


Great stories start with kind-hearted people like Peter and Ron. Beside the fact they are brothers-in-law, both men share something very special: The two retired men are volunteering on a regular basis with isolated seniors.  It all started with Peter who first enrolled as an advocate with West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA) a year ago. “It’s just that if you have the time, patience,

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Good luck to RVA coordinator Natasha Martel

WICA sadly said goodbye to Natasha Martel earlier this month. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors! Thanks Natasha for all you have done for Rendez-Vous Arts (RVA). Your gentle spirit will be greatly missed. Niki Firman will take over the Rendez-Vous Arts coordinator position. For the past six months, Niki and Natasha have been working together on the RVA exhibition that

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WICA launches new project: Seniors Liaisons

West Island organization comes to aid of local seniors Aging is inevitable. For some, the golden years are anything but golden. West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA) has launched “Seniors Liaisons”, an outreach project aimed at providing much-needed practical support to under-served, vulnerable seniors, especially those in multicultural communities isolated by language and societal barriers. “We have found that there are still many West Island

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