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Winter is tough on seniors

This winter has been tough on everyone it seems. People were fighting flu, colds, gastros and every other ailment that seems to strike during the winter months. For those of us who are lucky enough to have strong immune systems, we powered through though. We got up, went to work, took care of our families and carried on. For those who have weak immune

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Guy Lafleur at wine tasting

Exciting news! Hockey legend Guy Lafleur will be attending WICA’s 6th annual wine tasting event, “In the Spirit of Advocacy” as a special guest of Frank Lyman Design. The event takes place this Thurday, April 7 at Sarto-Desnoyers Centre in Dorval. There will be a silent auction and a 50/50 draw as well as fine wine, good food,fun and fashion! Don’t miss out! Tickets

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advocate of the month

Christiane epitomizes everything that it means to be a volunteer. She was matched with her protégé over two years ago and she visits her weekly. Her protégé Mary-Ann is in her 90’s and is socially isolated. She doesn’t get out much due to her age and her physical health. Christiane provides much-needed emotional and social support. When the weather is more cooperative, they go

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