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How to start 2017 on the right track

Christmas is a festive season. Generosity is rampant with organizations bringing Christmas baskets to those in need and volunteers donating their time to spread holiday cheer. But now that the presents are unwrapped, the paper recycled, the tree put to the curb or back in the box, the turkey and sweets consumed and the new year rung in, those people will still be in

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WICA on the West Island Blog

Check out an article we wrote that was published on the West Island Blog: We would like to share with you a story of dedication and kindness that features a unique character. In some ways, this story is similar to the one of a white-bearded man in red suit who wanted every child in the world to get a gift at Christmas. And so

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Meet a Unique Artist

For the past six years, Patricia has been part of the Rendez-Vous Arts program (RVA), which offers art classes to adults struggling with various health and mental issues. The idea is to improve the quality of life for the RVA participants through artistic expression. In a world where one’s value in society is increasingly based on one’s ability to work, Patricia’s experience with art

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Break the stigma of mental health – Part 2

From Colleen’s own perspective, she feels that the moment people know that someone has mental health problem, they don’t see that person the same way. They change the way they speak and act and tiptoe around the issue, they build these jails made of glass. For those like Colleen, it is especially frustrating because people only see the mental health problems. One’s qualities, passions

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Break the stigma of mental health – Part 1

“I got shunned (out), I got ignored, I got treated differently.” You are standing up, looking at the world bustling about. You are surrounded by people talking to one another and laughing together. In a spontaneous gesture, you step forward to join them. Until you hit something hard and cold. Your body crashes against what seems to be glass. You don’t understand what is

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Thank you!

A big thank you to WICA volunteer Geneviève Simard (middle) who prepared a festive meal for the residents of Heron/Farley House in Pierrefonds last Friday with the help of WICA community worker Diane Veuhoff and Dawson social work stagière Katherine St-Laurent (left)!

WICA needs you!

How we help RJ: West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA) is a nonprofit organization located in the west of Montreal, Quebec. We recruit and match volunteers with our clients (protégés) can be people with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, seniors, people with mental health issues or people who are socially isolated. Austerity measures have hit WICA and because of them we are having a hard time funding

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