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Meet WICA’s summer students!

We are thrilled to announce that three students are joining West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA)’s team for the summer. Thanks to the financial support of the federal government, WICA can offer a unique experience in the community sector to these three young women. For several years now, WICA has benefited from the contribution of students from diverse educational backgrounds. Their knowledge is put toward

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Meet a Unique Artist

For the past six years, Patricia has been part of the Rendez-Vous Arts program (RVA), which offers art classes to adults struggling with various health and mental issues. The idea is to improve the quality of life for the RVA participants through artistic expression. In a world where one’s value in society is increasingly based on one’s ability to work, Patricia’s experience with art

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RVA Exhibition series – Part 1

In less than a month, Gaby will attend her first Exhibition and Sale of the Rendez-Vous Arts (RVA) program as a Coach artist. A young 22-year-old artist, Gaby devoted her time last year to the RVA program which aims at improving the quality of life for people living with a handicap or mental health problem, through creativity and community integration. “I just feel like

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