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Volunteering Program – Including Youth Engagement

Citizen Advocacy matches volunteer advocates with people in the community needing help, our protégés…

withdogWest Island Citizen Advocacy is a registered charitable, non-profit organization whose mission is to recruit, screen, train, match and follow up volunteer citizen advocates who work one-to-one or on a team which improves the quality of life for persons (our protégés) who are handicapped or are disadvantaged in our community.

We are pleased to announce that West Island Citizen Advocacy is launching a Youth Engagement Project aimed at getting young adults in the West Island involved in volunteerism and community engagement.  The Youth Engagement Project is for participants aged 18 to 35 who will be matched with intellectually and/or physically handicapped members of our community in the same age group who need a volunteer advocate. Volunteer advocates spend a couple of hours every other week helping their protégés by offering emotional or practical support. That support ranges from spending social time with a protégé such as going to the gym, for a walk, for a coffee or on an outing, to helping with practical activities such as accompaniment to appointments, helping with daily life skills such as meal planning and preparation, learning how to clean and keep organized or budgeting skills.

As the population of the West Island is expected to rise by 7% by 2026, West Island Citizen Advocacy is seeking to engage more young adults to volunteer with their peers in order to ensure that volunteerism continues to be an important facet of our community and that the capacity to care for the members of our community who are in need grows to meet increasing needs.

If you would like to volunteer, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us or call anytime during regular business hours.

[email protected] / (514) 694-5850

Meet Randolph Jacob (RJ), one of our protégé from the Youth Engagement Program, who has been matched with Meghan since 2015.

“The kids are fascinated by him because he’s an adult who shares the same enthusiasm for some of the same things as they do,” said Meghan. “He’s excellent with the kids and he really backs me up with whatever I’m trying to do with the kids. He’s a good role model for them.”

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